Choice.. We have it

With the election looming over our heads, and the vast lies.. AHEM– opinions being cast out at us from every direction, it’s hard to remember what it is that we love about this country. It’s easy to forget what we take for granted here, is punishable by prison and sometimes death in other countries. Recently we took a walk through NY’s Union Square and I was reminded why it is so good to live here and be American.

I don’t really have to explain in great detail my feelings here, as they are made clear in the images that follow. However, I will leave you with this one last thought. Don’t let the media speak for you, don’t get lost in a 2 minute news feed that chews up and spits out ideas for you to swallow. You are not a baby bird, and shouldn’t feed the way they do. Hunger for knowledge and do your own reading and research. Don’t be counted as one of the many, but find a soap box and stand up to be counted for yourself. Let your voice be heard and remember– the wars that were fought, the lives that were lost, mean that you get to choose and your voice does matter.


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