Fall is here, ring the bell..

As a child, the ending of the summer always sadden me. It was time to say goodbye to swimming, playing outdoors, ice cream cones and endless evenings of barefooted running through the grass, chasing fireflies. It meant that bedtime would be strictly imposed, showers would be required daily and that god awful uniform had to be worn again. Yes.. the ending of summer always meant the beginning of fall and inevitably going back to school.

Things are much different now, the end of summer approaches much more subtlety, and I don’t really notice a drastic change. Perhaps it’s because my son is not yet school age so our lives don’t yet change with the changing of the season. The weather has stayed warm still and our late afternoon walks are only just now starting to grow a little shorter.

As I traded my flip flops in for socks and boots, I started noticing a crunching under my feet that made me look up and notice the beauty in the changing of nature. These next few photos are just the beginning of my fall series as I want to really capture the spirit and the brilliance of the season. Natures last hurrah; it’s glorious grand finale, before it pushes us into the dark, cold winter.

“Days decrease, And autumn grows, autumn in everything.”
― Robert Browning


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